Record #1 is… LUNA! A 5-song EP, LUNA will be released on March 11th 2022. But first… a song!

“Monastical” is the 1st single from LUNA. Available to stream and download on all your favorite platforms, “Monastical” will be released NEXT MONTH on December 10th.

Over the next days, weeks, and months, I’ll be sharing artwork, images, videos, stories, and more about my debut solo record, LUNA. And more singles from the record! But before I wrap up this post, I wanted to share this:

The cover image for LUNA is of my dearly departed dog, Luna. A brilliant and beautiful creature, she was a Landseer Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix that my former wife and I adopted from a shelter in Austin, TX in 2009. This picture of her was taken by me in 2016 in our Nashville, TN home. As you can see, she knew how to strike a pose. If you expand the image wide enough, you can see my reflection in her eye. I’m grateful that we’re together on LUNA.

Speaking of the cover, the artwork for LUNA, including the forthcoming singles from it, will be taking on all sorts of colors and shapes as I share more music. The artwork is a wonderful collaboration between me and my dear friend, Rolando Alvarado. Rolando has an amazing eye and talent for bringing together color and design. Rolando was essential in transforming the image of Luna into the cover for LUNA.

Moving from visual to sound, LUNA came to life sonically under the steady hands and wicked ears of Matthew Saccuccimorano. Matt mixed and mastered the record from his wizard workshop, aka Scaramanga Industries, in Ithaca, NY. LUNA wouldn’t be what it is without Matt.

Ms. Jennifer Sands. Friend, lover, confidante, gourmet chef, possessor of a magnificent musical ear. Jen is exactly who I needed beside me as I made LUNA. She may not have been there for every note played (and every curse screamed), but her spirit is in the sounds and words. Jen kept my head and heart in the best possible place so I could create LUNA.

More soon. Thank you. JZ ❤️