Cover of Joshua Zarbo's LUNA EP record

JOSHUA ZARBO LUNA (Louros Music, 2022)

Spoon Best of album Everything Hits at Once

SPOON Everything Hits at Once: The Best of Spoon (Matador Records, 2019)

Sondre Lerche Public HiFi Single

SONDRE LERCHE Public Hi-Fi Sessions (Public Hi-Fi Records, 2013)

THE BAND OF HEATHENS Sunday Morning Record (BoH Records, 2013)

Monahans - Leveler

MONAHANS Leveler (The Elusive Goldmine, 2013)

MONAHANS Roam An Empty Space (The Elusive Goldmine, 2013)

eric harvey - lake disappointment

ERIC HARVEY Lake Disappointment (Shopworn Records, 2012)

Melissa Bryan - Return Of The Woman

MELISSA BRYAN Return of the Woman (Rock HaĆ¼s Records, 2011)

red dead redemption - undead nightmare soundtrack

WOODY JACKSON & BILL ELM Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Original Soundtrack (Rockstar Games, 2010)

Miranda Dodson - Change a Thing

MIRANDA DODSON Change a Thing (One Pulse Artists Group, 2010)

Bob Schneider- Lovely Creatures

BOB SCHNEIDER Lovely Creatures (Kirtland Records, 2009)

future clouds and radar - peoria

FUTURE CLOUDS & RADAR Peoria (Star Apple Kingdom, 2008)

spoon - gimme fiction

SPOON Gimme Fiction (Merge Records, 2005)

spoon - kill the moonlight

SPOON Kill The Moonlight (Merge Records, 2002)

spoon - girls can tell

SPOON Girls Can Tell (Merge Records, 2001)

spoon - a series of sneaks

SPOON A Series of Sneaks (Elektra Records, 1998)