My good friend (and incredible bassist) George Reiff was called on to play bass on a record for Bob Schneider. George was unavailable and suggested me (thanks, George!). The session took place in August 2008 at Dwight Baker’s Matchbox Studios. Dwight was the producer and he really liked the sound of my ’69 Gibson EB3 bass. I ended up using it on four tunes, three of which made the record; “Trash,” “Realness of Space” and “40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet).” The fourth tune I played bass on at the session is listed on my invoice as “Change Your Mind” but I’m quite certain it’s not the beautiful version called “Changing Your Mind” on the Lovely Creatures album. “40 Dogs…” became an Austin radio staple for a while and it was nice to occasionally hear my EB3 doing its job well.