After the 2010 Recordings series concluded, Monahans regrouped in 2011 to determine what we wanted to do with the collection of songs we had created over the past year. Feeling that we had more work to do, we began recording a new batch of songs at our home base, Ramble Creek recording studio, owned and operated by Monahans’ Britton Beisenherz. The songs we created became Leveler. Personally, the writing and recording of Leveler was a rebirth for me as a songwriter as I contributed instrumental sketch demos to the group that were later turned into fully formed songs by the band, namely “The Loss of Feeling” and “Forward/Reverse.” I played bass and guitar all over the record. I used my Gibson EB3 reissue basses as well as a Fender Custom Shop Precision bass, a Fender Jazz ’62 reissue bass and my ’61 Silvertone 1444 bass for the strummed bass guitar part on “Echoes.” I used my Gibson SG Standard guitar for some of the six-string work but definitely used many of Ramble Creek’s guitars and specifically the studio’s Fender Baritone guitar for the “bass line” on “The Loss of Feeling.” Leveler is very special to me and a highlight in my creative life.