I met Bill Elm (co-composer of the soundtrack’s music with Woody Jackson) at a recording session in Austin sometime in 2007 when he was making a record with a band called 1986. I brought some effects pedals with me to the session to have as sound options. One of them was my Morley (Tel-Ray era) Power Wah Fuzz. I used the Morley on a song or two and everyone in the studio liked its thick fuzz tone. Bill remembered. Years later Bill emailed me out of the blue to ask if I could play some bass on a video game soundtrack and specifically requested that I bring the Morley pedal. I did and used it with my Fender Jazz ’62 reissue bass. I played on: “Get Back In That Hole, Partner,” “Zombie Peyote,” “Ojo Muerto,” “Blackwater, U.S.A.” and “Undead Redemption.” You can hear the overwhelming influence of Cliff Burton on my playing in “Get Back In That Hole, Partner.” Cliff was the reason for buying the Morley in the first place. Cliff Burton forever.